Monday, July 12, 2010

Mr. Ma's reply to Bill Gates

Issued to: Bill Gates
Cc: Wang Yan, Ding Lei, Hong Zhou? T, Chen Tianqiao
From: Mr. Ma
Importance: High
Dear Gates
Thank you for your email, and then only a reply to you with deep regret. The following is my personal view, attitude does not represent official website ^ _ ^
1. People from the dead, who can not under the knife
First to bring you such a shock I am deeply sorry (did not scare you with it). My 300 million registered users in fact nothing, at least in the mainland this one, there are one billion users waiting for registration. I am also very fortunate that we have so many Internet users in China, so many people like to chat. Thanks for the great motherland, for fast development of the network, thanks to my grandparents ... ...
I admit that my housekeeping skills are a bit less kind, really, I understand your brother your heart, but the fact so the fact that the network too real. Floating in rivers and lakes, who is not the knife, ah, you have to pay is first come.
2. This year, who's ass is not clean,
Speaking of bundles, I'm not the brother of your means "clever" ah. Look at your OS, bundled with IE. Netscapy sue you, AOL sue you. Bundled with Media Play, the European Union to sue you and sanctions you. Bundled with windows messenger, Korea DAUM sue you. Oh, do not know your case to go to when it is tall? Perhaps when you have deleted these things.
Look at me, although it tied a number of things, but no one can tell me ah, they just verbally complain about fills like you, who told you people really pay in action.
So brother do not have to complain too much, Hong Zhou? T the students said that this year, who's ass is not clean, it is quite reasonable if not rough to rough.
3. You are too stressed, not too cool, have a CEO it, agents do not line
Look at your situation in it, yesterday I spent a night time, finally search to 60 to a msn user (the server is not moved in yet?), I'll add them one by one as friends, but I was surprising discovery, that was not one that everyone online? D? D Do they have hidden it? Should we go to bed? But that is only 8 points more than Oh. Look at my QQ in it, just any time to achieve the 10 million online.
I do not work is the CEO, the agency does not engage in line. In fact, I understand your stress, pressing, heavy you. The recent film "Eat Hot Tofu Slowly" did not know you read? I have years of history, QQ, MSN you just how long history in China, you too tender.
I suggest you to learn more, to find like me, or I give you agents are OK, we can discuss this.
4. See it in your
MSN server is moving to China, though the noise of the hot, newspapers, television, radio, magazines (which I have done it like no). But in the end it, and carry us stunned, to be honest, Home announced that day, I do secretly went to see. What are the things to see it, is simply a hodgepodge, casual get together to find some great site's. (This time I know that Microsoft's technical people to do bad pages), but how can this mess that out? And followed what is it? User's condemning.
"Very disappointed users, the consequences are serious."
5. QQ group is the social network
It should also look at the facts of the Chinese saying, ah, look at Internet cafes in the computer, as long as connect to the Internet, without the machine did not install QQ, and some people will not turn off, but will play QQ. China's Internet users, the Internet are beginning from the QQ, the Internet is the QQ, QQ is the Internet. This basic concept has been formed.
In addition, you can look at the bubbles, UC, also a man named "circle" thing, to see if they are not yet defeated at my feet. I know you do not line msn.
Perhaps these are not pleasant to the ear, man do not worry too much about the Chinese market is enormous, so we went to open it, and the king of mutual encouragement!
yours, Mr. Ma

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